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QString VariableListView::removeAllItemsString ( unsigned  count ) const [protected, virtual]

If using the popup menu handling, the subclass needs to return a translated string of the form "Remove all <itemtype>s." I recommend also appending a " (n <itemtype>s), which you can use the count parameter for.

Reimplemented from ListView.

Definition at line 161 of file abakuslistview.cpp.

    // count is unreliable because not all of the elements in the list view
    // can be removed.
    count = 0;
    QStringList values = ValueManager::instance()->valueNames();

    for(QStringList::ConstIterator value = values.constBegin(); value != values.constEnd(); ++value)

    return i18n("Remove all variables (1 variable)",
              "Remove all variables (%n variables)",

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