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HMath Member List

This is the complete list of members for HMath, including all inherited members.
abs(const HNumber &n)HMath [static]
acos(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
acosh(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
add(const HNumber &n1, const HNumber &n2)HMath [static]
asin(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
asinh(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
atan(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
atanh(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
compare(const HNumber &n1, const HNumber &n2)HMath [static]
cos(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
cosh(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
div(const HNumber &n1, const HNumber &n2)HMath [static]
exp(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
finalize()HMath [static]
format(const HNumber &n, char format= 'g', int prec=-1)HMath [static]
formatExp(const HNumber &n, int prec=-1)HMath [static]
formatFixed(const HNumber &n, int prec=-1)HMath [static]
formatGeneral(const HNumber &n, int prec=-1)HMath [static]
formatGenString(const HNumber &n, int prec=-1) (defined in HMath)HMath [static]
frac(const HNumber &n)HMath [static]
integer(const HNumber &n)HMath [static]
ln(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
log(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
mul(const HNumber &n1, const HNumber &n2)HMath [static]
negate(const HNumber &n)HMath [static]
pi()HMath [static]
raise(const HNumber &n1, int n)HMath [static]
raise(const HNumber &n1, const HNumber &n2)HMath [static]
round(const HNumber &n, int prec=0)HMath [static]
sin(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
sinh(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
sqrt(const HNumber &n)HMath [static]
sub(const HNumber &n1, const HNumber &n2)HMath [static]
tan(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]
tanh(const HNumber &x)HMath [static]

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